8th Grade

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8th Grade Greek & Latin Roots

  1. CANIS L. dog
  2. FELES L. cat
  3. LEON G. lion
  4. EQUUS L. horse
  5. CABALLUS L. horse
  6. HIPPOS G. horse
  7. PORCUS L. pig, hog, swine
  8. ORNIS / ORNITHOS G. bird
  9. AVIS L. bird
  10. GREX / GREGIS L. flock, herd, drove, group, troop, company
  11. OMNIS L. each, every, all
  12. AMPHI G. both
  13. AMBI L. on both sides, around, surround
  14. EU G. well, good, pleasant
  15. MALUS L. bad, ugly, evil, ill
  16. E / EX L. out of, beyond, from, former
  17. ARCHOS G. chief, principal, primative
  18. ARCUS L. bow, arc
  19. CIRCUM L. around, about
  20. KYKLOS G. ring, circle, wheel
  21. PERI G. around
  22. THEOS G. god
  23. DEUS L. god
  24. DEVINUS L. god-like
  25. HOMO / HOMINIS L. man, human being
  26. ANTHROPOS G. man, mankind, humankind
  27. VIR L. man, manly, masculine
  28. FEMINA L. woman
  29. INFANS / INFANTIS L. inability to speak
  30. PAIS / PAIDOS G. child
  31. SCHOLE G. leisure, free time
  32. LUDO / LUSUS L. play, mock
  33. IATROS G. doctor, physician, comforter
  34. MEDICUS L. physician
  35. SANUS L. healthy, not diseased or injured
  36. HOLOS G. whole, entire, complete
  37. RHINOS G. nose, snout
  38. CORNU L. horn
  39. DERMA G. skin, hide, shell
  40. CUTIS L. skin, hide
  41. COR / CORDIS L. heart
  42. DORSUM L. back
  43. ATHLON G. prize, award
  44. AGON G. contest, struggle, trial
  45. DROMOS G. race course, runway, running
  46. MONS / MONTIS L. mountain
  47. HUMUS L. earth, soil
  48. FOLIUM L. leaf
  49. SAL / SALIS L. salt
  50. MARE L. sea, ocean
  51. NAUS G. ship, boat
  52. NAVIS L. ship, boat
  53. HOMOS G. same, common, joint
  54. HETEROS G. other, different
  55. CARDO / CARDINIS L. hinge
  56. PORTA L. door, gate, entry
  57. PORTO / PORTATUM L. to carry
  58. NOVUS L. new
  59. ORDO / ORDINIS L. row, array, command
  60. SAECULUM L. age, century
  61. PRIMUS L. first
  62. SECUNDUS L. second
  63. TERTIUS L. third
  64. QUARTUS L. fourth
  65. QUINTUS L. fifth
  66. SEXTUS L. sixth
  67. SEPTIMUS L. seventh
  68. OCTAVUS L. eighth
  69. NONUS L. ninth
  70. DECIMUS L. tenth
  71. ELECTRON G. amber
  72. GRADUS L. step, degree
  73. PLUS / PLURIS L. more, many
  74. AKROS G. topmost, high point, extreme
  75. KATA G. down, against
  76. ANA G. up, back again, along, through
  77. DUCO / DUCTUM L. draw, attract, lead
  78. AGO / ACTUM L. do, act, drive, perform
  79. PENDO / PENSUM L. hang down, weigh, consider, judge
  80. HYPER G. above, overly, beyond
  81. HYPO G. under, below
  82. SUPER L. on top, above, over
  83. SUB L. under, below, beneath
  84. RUMPO / RUPTUM L. break, burst, split
  85. PAX / PACIS L. peace
  86. SPECTO / SPECTATUM L. to look at, see
  87. VOX / VOCIS L. voice
  88. LOQUI L. speak
  89. FELIX / FELICIS L. happy
  90. FIDES L. faith, trust
  91. SOLUS L. alone, only
  92. MONOS G. alone, solitary
  93. RIDEO / RISUM L. laugh, make fun of
  94. LABORO / LABORATUM L. work
  95. ERGON G. work
  96. DURUS L. hard to the touch, strong, difficult
  97. BELLUM L. war, combat, fight
  98. BARBAROS G. foreign
  99. ORTHOS G. straight, correct
  100. DOKEIN G. think, have an opinion, suppose